Comprehensive Naturopathic Consultations



Our approach is comprehensive and individualised to you.  We utilise pathology testing, clinical analysis and diagnostic questioning to effectively understand and decipher your health presentation and the best approach to treatment.  We use pathology as a means to provide scientific evidence in each case before acting on the individual, which shifts the practice of naturopathy from an intuitive art to a practical and evidence-based science. This ensures we can:
  1. Recognise the various clinical markers of nutritional disorders
  2. Identify which pathology and functional investigations will provide the greatest insight into your physiological drivers of disease (there is a lot of mis-information out there)
  3. Design an individualised dietary and nutritional approach that addresses your unique biochemistry
  4. Have a means to objectively tracking your progress
  5. Communicate and collaborate effectively with other health professionals sharing your care
  6. Get you back to optimal health sooner


This covers all correspondence between all your existing practitioners, 1 hour Skype initial consultation and 30 min follow up consultation,  and case and pathology analysis.



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